Lactation Specialist Services

Hi, my name is Dr Julie Chang.  I received my medical degree from Melbourne University in 1998.  I have worked as a GP since 2008 and became a qualified lactation consultant in 2012.

I am also Mum to two amazing kids (well, most of the time they are).

Despite my medical knowledge and antenatal classes, my own breastfeeding journey was complicated.  Four weeks into motherhood, I discovered that breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I had ever done.  My medical school exams and childbirth were easier than breastfeeding.  The emotional impact this had on me was profound.  I sat cradling my newborn, crying my eyes out because I could not succeed at something that was supposed to be so natural to do.  At four weeks of age I made the decision to change feeding styles for my baby.   It was a difficult decision but one that inspired me to become a lactation consultant as I planned on more children. 

I knew that scientific research confirmed that breastmilk was biologically superior to formula.  My focus was on this as I attempted to feed my child.  Becoming a lactation consultant and being a mum has subsequently taught me that the optimal infant feeding method(s) is one that strikes the best balance between the biological, psychological and emotional needs of not only the baby but also the mum and the entire family unit.  All these aspects need to be considered. 

I am committed to delivering compassionate and evidence based, up-to-date perinatal medical and lactation care to mothers and their babies.  I will work with you to ensure all biological, psychological and emotional needs are explored.  I promise I will be your coach and cheerleader and NEVER the judge.

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